The town of Logan has many attractions to offer and plenty of sites to see. Logan is the Gateway to a Scenic Wonderland. Appalachia is all around our town and has become a warm and welcoming environment for all who seek nature.
 Imagine yourself back in time as you take in the views of some of Logan's Oldest buildings. With slate roofs and handcrafted finished woodwork. They sure don't build houses like they used to. Come and appreciate the old craftsman's work from the sidewalks of Historical Logan.
Walking Tour
 Visit the Hocking County Canoe livery, and join the hundreds of others that have been sent down the river with smiling faces, and terrific memories of canoeing through Appalachia. Located at 12789 St. Rt. 664 South, Logan. 800-634-6820.
Brass Ring Golf Club
. Hocking Hills most challenging 18 holed golf course. Full service club house open to the public. Or check out the Lounge for the "Karaoke Friday Nights."  Located at 14405 Country Club Lane, Logan. 740-385-3806
Perhaps the kiddies would like a golf outing as  well, hop on over to Adventure Golf at Remple's Inn. Widely landscaped to mimic the Hocking Hills, with 18 holes of fun and excitement. Located at 12791 SR.664 south, Logan. 740-385-3233.

Remple's Grove also has a petting zoo, afterwards journey to the front end to the ice cream parlor, and choose between 30 flavors of homemade ice cream. Prepare you're self for an afternoon of excitement and fun for the whole family.
Spotted Horse Ranch.  Spotted Horse Ranch is located along the scenic Laurel Run Canyon. View all four seasons of nature's beauty from horseback as you explore miles of quiet trails nestled in the Hocking Hills. We have overnight facilities for your family and horse. We feature sanctioned NasHorse Barrel Racing as well as other events in our Lighted Outdoor Arena. We also have a Party Hall for special occasions. Located at 17325 Deffenbaugh Road. Laurelville
740-332-RIDE or Toll Free 877-992-RIDE
Looking for a bit of Night time fun Friday and Saturday nights? Dance to the D. J's sound, at

Home Tavern. Located at 363 Gallagher Ave.
in Logan. 740-385-9985

Scenic Lanes & Billiard.
For parties and bumper bowling. This is the perfect place for all ages to have some fun. Located at 1333 W Hunter St. Logan. 740-385-3879
 June 17th - 19th 2010

The International Washboard Festival is a time for local Logan residents and visitors from all over the Midwest come together and enjoy the sounds of children of all ages laughing and singing with the drones of Washboard Jug Bands performing classic down-to-earth Appalachian folk music.

  On the third weekend of June the locals fill the streets of Logan to begin the weekend long festivities with a kickoff parade.  The first event is the popular Antique Classic Car Show, starting at 5:00 pm. Vendor's are set all along the streets, displaying handmade crafts, jewelry, and washboard devices that make a decorative statement.

If you are looking for relaxation, seclusion, and tranquility, then look no further. Pick a cabin for that special night of romance, or perhaps a fun evening with close friends and family, everyone is sure to enjoy themselves. Hocking Hills is the founder of cabin getaways, and is the hot tub capital of the Midwest. View the wildlife from a bubbling, steaming hot tub on a cold winter's night, or a warm summer evening, and gaze into the sky. As you drift into harmony with nature.
Lake Hope
is a natural paradise that resides within the 18,200 acre, Zaleski State Forest, in the valley of big Sandy Run. Many people travel from all surrounding counties and through out the mid-west, to visit the abandoned mines, ancient mounds, and the scenic wonderland of the Lake. Lake Hope welcomes all photographers, hikers, and nature lovers. Lake Hope is a wonderful place to camp, with 223 site campgrounds, perfect for campers, tents, trailers. The campground includes heated showers, waste disposal, laundry facility, and picnic tables and fire rings. Boating, fishing, hunting, and hiking are more of the wonderful aspects Lake Hope has to offer.
 Wayne National Forest. Named after "Mad Anthony" Wayne, the American General, who was chosen in 1792 to rid the Ohio and Indiana frontiers of Indian tribes in order to open the area for American settlement. He led the American army, who fought against the famed warrior "Tecumseh" and defeated the Shawnee at Fallen Timbers. The stunning surroundings of the Hocking Hills enveloping over 160,000 acres of deep hollows, and narrow trails that allow you to be one with mother earth. Camping and picnicking, season extends from May through September, except at Vesuvius recreation area where camping is year round.

Clear Creek,
a part of the Metro Park's system is special for geologic research, and findings. The deep beauty of the Clear Creek valley comes from the overlap of geologic and climate zones. The nature of the park is rugged, and has many steep ravines and deep gorges, and breath taking cliff and rock formation's. Over 1200 plants, flowers and species have made there home at Clear Creek. Beautiful surroundings are not all that Clear Creek has to offer, as hunting, fishing,  hiking, canoeing, pet trails, fishing and nature programs.
As we move toward the West end of the hills, the most popular of all the Hocking Hills region, is Old Man's Cave. Located on St. Rt. 664. Old Man's Cave was named after a Civil War-era hermit, named Richard Rowe, who lived in the gorges of the caves. For Native American Indians, Old Man's Cave is a sacred place. Many of the Ohio tribes, Mingo, Delaware, Shawnee, and Wyandot Indians, lived in the area and gathered here to council on protecting their homelands against outside forces. Old Man's Cave features deep falling waterfalls, swimming pools, incredible cliff and rock formation's and hiking trails. Old Man's Cave can be divided into five parts. This makes it easier for hikers and adventurer's to select a designated area and travel to each one.
Cantwell Cliff's
 is located 17 miles from Old Man's Cave, on St. Rt. 374. It's location is discrete and not many know it's there, but those who travel the extra mile say it's worth the effort. Cantwell Cliff's is exactly how it sounds, with very narrow gorges of rock formation's that have been forming for hundreds of years. Small and narrow walk ways that take you through the inns and outs of the cave. Water fountains are accessible, and picnic area's are located in the front entrance across from the parking lot.
 Ash Cave is also a common spot for travelers. Ash Cave has a variety of caves, but is the largest recess cave in Ohio. The rim of the cave spreads it's self over 700 feet around a delicate sandstone horseshoe, while just beneath a waterfall dumps it's wrath 90 feet onto the slate rock floor below. Picnic area's are adjacent to the parking lot and are wheel chair accessible. Other caves in this area are Cedar Falls and Rock House. Both are astounding in beauty and marvelous rock formations and narrow tunnels that lead to deep depths of the cave.
Burr Oak is the conclusion of this tour through our scenic wonderland. Burr Oak  is located in southeast Ohio. Secluded in a quiet surrounding, Burr Oak State Park has a rural setting away from the main tourism areas to the north. Burr oak has a  wide array of traveling for hikers, and peaceful cottages for overnight accommodations. Pets are allowed to adventure on you're journey to the hills. Fishing, hunting, are permitted with a state license.
Feeling a little artistic? Join local renowned  photographer Eric Hoffman in a picture adventure, bringing photographers together from across the country. Old Bear's Den, is just the place for you, located 16961 Harble-Griffith Rd, Logan. 740-382-2039.

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